Precita Eyes Muralists Project
Google, 3rd Fl, 1 Market Street, San Francisco, CA

Designed and painted by Suaro Cervantes & Yukako Ezoe
6'x 16'
Precita Eyes Muralists Copy Right 2015


With love and respect for the Ohlone people and the land they nurtured and held sacred. This is an homage to their heritage, cultural values and traditions.

The mural depicts the aboriginal natives' everyday life of the Ohlone, also known as Costanoan, Nation and respective tribes in the surrounding Bay Area and the abundant aquatic wild life of the tule marsh lands. The focus is also on water, as it is the Ohlone’s source of living, but also reflecting the importance of water today in our life. The horizon is the Coyote Hill side above modern day Fremont. On the left an Ohlone man is holding a fresh caught Salmon. The flow of the salmon swims upstream from left to right in the marsh where its vanishing point turns into a flocks of Egrets. Two men are canoeing in a tule canoe in the middle. On the right bottom corner on the marsh land there is a basket full of acorns which is a staple food, as well as an Ohlone women weaving a gathering basket. The hut behind the weaver is a traditional tule hut shelter and the stone rock form in the foreground has grooves which they used to grind Acorns with Pestle tools. There is an array of bird life, such as Swallow, Least Tern, Northern Mocking Bird, Golden Eagle, Blue Heron, Snowy Egret, and Red Wing Black Bird. The overall tone of blue/green hues captures the essence of a time and people that revered the sacred waters and the vitality provided in which sometimes overlooked, but never forgotten people of the San Francisco Bay Area.